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February 4, 2010

lightning thief

after cOunting with all my 10 finger, i knew 11 Feb is next weEk.. hmm.. i really want to watch movie release on that day.. (x igt lak title dat mOvie.. pnjg sgt)
but, i dOn't have friend nk ajak.. cmne neyh?? aku nk sgt tgk cter tue.. hmm.. dlm otak nk ajk nik.. tp, dh brpuluh kali aku send msg kt dye.. x rply pown minah tue.. ad mslh ke?? (nik, nik, nik.. mne ler ngko mnyepikan diri.. adoyh.. dh lme x jmpe ngko neyh.. rndu nk dgr sOre ngko..) buhsan gler idOp..
x pown, aku ajak nadiah je larh.. ok gak.. rumah ktorg dk jerk.. lepak kt iOi ok gak.. hehe.. pintar gak otak aku neyh.. x sbr nk jmpe nadiah tyme driving class next week..
nadiah from my viEw:
+dye sebaya dgn aku+
+ktowg knl tyme driving kls+
+cun gak r+
+ex-mrsm gemencheh+
+ktowg skE gossip psl trainer kt driving academy tue+
+mcm ad 'chemistry' dgn dye.. bwu berkenalan smlm dh kamceng gler+
+sonok praktis parking klu dye nek keta sama dgn aku+


  1. oit; jom gi kuar.. ajak jazmi skali...

  2. hahahahahaha.. bpk sgn gler.. hehe.. jom r.. ngko plan aku ikot jerk..