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February 25, 2010



I can't calm myself when i kept thinking of March..

lately, i'm thinking about my SPM result.. hOw wOuld it be? seriously, i hOpe tOo much fOr my result but the truth was i'm sucks when sitting the spm last year.. i'm not too cOnfident with my answer.. now, i can see all my big family members was counting on me.. they hope the extremely good spm result from me.. and i'm not in the mood tO ruin their hOpe.. durhh..

(cuak btOl.. pnt nyerk jd hrpn keluarga.. tp, wat pe nk pk dh.. aku neyh mmg r sengal.. dh hntr dh pon jwpn.. pemeriksa dh siap tnda dh pon.. redha je ler.. berdOa pd Allah shj agr dipermudahkan sgala urusan.. only god knows what is the best fOr HIS servant.. aminn yarabbal alamin)

ok! there's other thing that still disturbing my mind.. JPJ test really killing my happiness.. i 'm going tO sit the jpj test on 12/3!! i'm deadly nervous.. moments that i was practise on the track & on the road were kept playing in my mind.. *how stupid i was in the kancil.. gelabah x tentu pasal.. kna mrh dgn instructOr.. again, i hOpe too much for my jpj test.. i don't want to repeat jpj test.. i've target to get my P before the spm result out since the chemistry paper ended last year..

wargh!! these two things really makes me 'x sng duduk'.. adOyh..

rasa resah..

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