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February 3, 2010

emosi terganggu

parah neyh.. asal le aku mst rase sakit pwot ble nk msok kul 2.. penyakit baru ape le yg dh hinggap kt aku neyh.. sengal..
8celi, i'm gOing to have driving class sharp at 2.30 pm.. driving class shud be an exciting moment fOr others but not for me.. durrhh.. mst kna sOund ler nnt.. haha.. trainer tu x de r yelling trOk sgt mcm ust. azizul pernah marah aku x tentu pasal.. (bknye terOk sgt pown kesalahan aku.. seriOusly, mmg aku bengang gler r tyme tu.. my respect tO him decrease mendadak.. amek kau!!)
i just dOn't like it when peOple cOrrected my mistake.. i can't.. i wud feel wanna use my magic pOwder ( if i have one & that thing really exist) & makes myself suddenly dissapear.. malu nk trima kesalahan beb!! it was my weakness..

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