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January 27, 2011


"berakit-rakit ke hulu,
berenang-renang ke tepian,
bersakit-sakit dahulu,
bersenang-senang kemudian"


a week before a long holiday (cuti seminggu dah kira lama larhh tuhh) so much things need to be settle down. pfft~ guys, can you imagine : test, quiz, assignment, report, lecture : all packed in one whole week. memang hidup sangat huru-hara like it was the end of world. plus, we're going to have a short mid semester break, so, it means there are souvenir will be distribute from the lectures :D

new assignments

*just to fulfill days in the holiday's week*

no matter how rude and cold am I towards all the task given,
it still my job, my duty, my responsibility to complete the task. that's why i kept remind myself to stay positive and strong to endure all the difficulties as pre-u student and as future undergraduate student (major in medicine, ameen.. ). no doubt! UNIMAS will be my place to achieve my biggest gOal in life. (kamik dok saghawak gik)

"kejayaan tak datang bergolek tanpa usaha"

p/s : test math 1. Quiz bio 2. tutorial kimia 3. report kimia 4. (-.-)' (perlukah dalam turutan?)
p/s : cny holiday! hoyeahh. bakal melakukan pelaburan wang yang berhemah. :D (berhemah? x janji kott)

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