life is like acting on the stage spontaneously. role play as ourselves IS the greatest challenge ever. trust yourself and follow your instinct. play the role happily and full of confident. defence your rights thus what is YOURS, will remains YOURS. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!


May 10, 2011


suka bertangguh

*itu aku*

sering tak tetap pendirian

*itu aku*

plan gempak2, alih2 tak jadi

*itu aku*

so, LAST MINUTE plan is the AwesOme plan for a girl named ______________.
"kau je cakap mana, nnt aku sampai larhhh."

p/s : entah berapa kali aku kena 'honn'. (cekap sgt weyhh rakyat Malaysia)

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