life is like acting on the stage spontaneously. role play as ourselves IS the greatest challenge ever. trust yourself and follow your instinct. play the role happily and full of confident. defence your rights thus what is YOURS, will remains YOURS. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!


July 17, 2011



end of June: my life was totally in miserable state. i never felt the huge troublesome-ness ever in my life. yeahh! i don't think i should retell my sad.bad.horrible.pathetic story again. hellyeah, not AGAIN!


cerita lain

sejujurnya, aku gelak, aku komen, aku senyum, aku kritik,
bila melihat dan mendengar gegirl yang desperate. i can't describe 'desperate' from which aspect but i bet you guys mesti bolehh tangkap what kind of 'desperate' when we sometimes spontaneously said 'he'elee.. desperate gila minah neyhh'.

macam biasa larhh, kononnya kita cakap i'm positif (itu aku), tak kesahh ponn (mmg aku), lantaklahh, aku kesah apa(perghh! mmg terasa), tapi sebenarnya kita pon macam orang lain. setabah mana pon kita, semulia mana pon kita, se'desperate' mana pon kita, se'cool' mana pon kita tapi mesti akan ada secalit perasan yang tak best which is
'kita sebenarnya, bukannya bulat-bulat apa yang kita cakap atau ekspresikan'

life is complicated because humans thought it should be like that.
as a human we accept the ideology even we don't want life to be like that.

p/s : kecelaruan ayat dan tatabahasa sbb aku baru perasan yang aku agak 'komplikated *well, aku mmg selalu slow sbb tuhh baru perasann

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