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April 25, 2010


will you marry me?

giler ke hape? haha.. selamba badak jer tnya soklan mcm tuh.. desperate nk mati kot.. mcm2 hal dunia skrg neyh.. adOyh!

p/s : i'm still young.. gOin to be 18 okayh.. study. study. study! sy mau jd dOktOr dulu.. ble dh jd dOktor, bru sy boleyh jumpe bakal husband sy.. sbb dye juga seorg dOktor.. (hehe.. Dr. Amira sudah berangan weyh!)


  1. wow, spe tu yg ajak kwin?? dr amira ye?? keep it up, gurl!!! nk kwin ngan doc gak?? huhu

  2. AKu prnah kene acm gini.
    gilek r, mmg desperate btol manusia itu.

    Tekad dgn azam anda~!! wee weet, bkl suami doktor!