life is like acting on the stage spontaneously. role play as ourselves IS the greatest challenge ever. trust yourself and follow your instinct. play the role happily and full of confident. defence your rights thus what is YOURS, will remains YOURS. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!


January 28, 2010

mEyra's bLog

just to fulfill my supEr-dupEr boredom with something new in this new year 2010.
2010 give me something new tO do which is blOgging that i never thOught of having it by my own.
again in 2010, I've entered the new phase in my life as a teenage girl. i'm not a 'budak sekolah' anymore.. hooray!!
(but seriOusly, school's life had cursed me to have the 'terrible missed disease')
nothin much to say for the first pOst in 2010.. really excited to be the freshie in the blogger.. (giving yOu my pleasant smile)

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